I was born in 1972 and in my life I have donned many hats, worn many masks, from scuba instructor in the Red Sea, tour operator, cameraman in commercials and since 2000 an artist and now even more so my self-expression is as a passionate activist film maker and father.

I guess my bio should list my achievements like how I became one of South Africa's top selling artists and all the places where I have exhibited, but these successes still left a huge hole that I couldn't fill with external achievements.

My life search has been an internal journey one that I can't list all the achievements but rather it has pushed me to the edge of sanity.

One of my favourite historic figures J. Krishnamurti said; “It is no measure of health to be well adjusted to a profoundly sick society.” and thus waking up from our collective insanity which is pushing humanity to the brink of extinction, has been trying to say the least.

I am in the 12th year of the research and development of a film called "Renaissance 3.0" that intends to convey the possible emergence of a new culture. A culture that is able to help lead a transition from the information age to an age of collective wisdom just in time before we self-destruct.

The possible emergence of a new culture is so exciting to me as it points toward a global transformation of human consciousness and perhaps a new era of flourishing for all beings.


I continue to paint as an expression of lightness, colour and form. My paintings are not intended to be deep like my activist works, but rather balance and ease are the key ingredients here.

I have always had an intuitive heart felt north star in my quest for meaning in a world that seems to have gone slightly mad and I am glad to discover a fast-growing number of people starting to have this realization too. I don't feel so crazy after all.

If over the next 30 years we do not transition to a sustainable world, we will look back on this time and our generation as we do the holocaust and wander how we each did our part in the devastation of our planets biosphere, our only home.

I have been busy communicating this concern for almost 2 decades, but most people are too busy furthering societies current trajectory. I have decided rather to continue fearlessly to express my visions of an emergent edge of our culture and paint pictures with film as to what that future could look like.

I hold huge gratitude to the work of Ken Wilber and his integral understanding has helped me string the beads of my life experiences together. This integrated approach weaves the wisdom of east and west, science and spirituality into a spectrum of the evolution of consciousness.

Having awoken many more facets of my being than what was served up in the apartheid era that I was brought up in, I am still astonished as to how we as a planetary species with all our advancement continue to treat each other and our environment. Why are we so unconscious? Like many who have arrived at this understanding, I am moved and have committed my life to help steer us away from this head on collision.

What could be a simple shift from head to heart is also a massive change of our cultural cosmological understanding, behaviour and systems.

This is a scary, but also the most exciting era to be alive. join me as I try to shift our heads and hearts with my works and birth a new era of inter-connection, inter-dependence and inter-being.

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