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Please come and see the art gallery.

31 Harbour Rd, Hout Bay, Cape Town

By appointment: +27 83 349 4774​

film maker

Renaissance 3.0

Renaissance 3.0 is a film in the making that will connect the dots to reveal a new way of being human that embraces the evolution of Mankind. It is a film about an emergent civilization, one which moves from the information age to the age of collective wisdom.


 Some people view change as a movement of individuals changing themselves (bottom up), and for others it is changing the systems that creates behavioral change (top-down).
I believe it should be both.
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Bottom up?

Join a Collective of like-minded individuals, exploring tools and technologies to upgrade your own mind, your relationships to one another and the planet.

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Top down?

Be inspired by luminary thinkers who are in the process of designing and building new social systems. Help by being a part of building these new systems that render the incumbent system obsolete.

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